3 Things to do when you keep getting distracted during Zoom calls

3 Things to do when you keep getting distracted during Zoom calls

It’s hard to keep your attention during Zoom calls when you are not at the center of others’ attention. For the last year, I’ve been having at least one Zoom call in every single weekday. Unfortunately, as I roughly estimate, on one third of that time, I wasn’t able to focus on what others were saying.

I took notice of it lately and trying to grasp what everyone else is saying fully. The effort is paying off and I’m beginning become aware that others fall into it too.

So here are the 3 things you can do to save your attention during Zoom calls:

  1. Don’t try to multi-task – Even a simple thing like just glancing through your inbox, checking out your calendar could make you distance from your colleagues. Don’t forget it takes only a split second lose someone else’s flow of speech.
  2. Take a genuine interest in what others are saying - People are interesting, and since the Zoom calls you make during weekdays are mostly work-related, what they’re saying must be important to you
  3. Try to focus on voices of your colleagues - This might sound strange, but it works! You can use as a mindfulness meditation too.

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As you might’ve noticed, every one of them has something to do with being present. You can make a habit out of it by meditating every day.