How to regain your focus when you started a workday on a wrong foot?

How to regain your focus when you started a workday on a wrong foot?

First things first, please don’t start your day on a wrong foot. Because it will require much greater effort to point your attention into the right direction afterwards.

What you do in the morning seriously affect your performance throughout the day. When you start your day with clear-set tasks and a focus boosting environment, the day just rolls on. In contrast, when you get hooked into some breaking news in the morning, your day could go awry even if you try to remedy it.

It happened to me too many times. Whenever some flashy headline grabs my attention in the morning. That topic just clings to me all day.

Here are some battle-tested tricks I found useful:

* Do an exercise

Any kind of exercise that could fasten your heartbeat could also be useful for fixing your day. After only a few minutes of exercise, you’re going to feel refreshed. A wave of energy might even fill your body. Ride that wave conquer your day! (wow, that was a cheesy sentence)

* Take a stroll

Go out just aimlessly wander for a few minutes. It will clear your head and give you a fresh start. But see the next tip if it doesn’t work for you.

* Take a nap for 15 to 30 minutes

By far, it’s the best remedy I found for a mind stirred by breaking news. Doing meditation could be an alternative. But that might require too much will power when you’re already distracted.